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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Motorola's concept Cellphone with Dual Camera


Motorola developed a concept mobile phone which is having two camera's. This is not like other cellphones having one camera on front and another is at back. This model is designed by Paris-based Lysandre Follet.

Motorola claims, you can use multi-tasking functionality on it. While shooting with one camera user can take pictures with the another one.

What is even more interesting about this handset is its ability to create 3D images. Users can actually create 3D images with the help of special transparent gels to be applied on the lenses of both cameras; for instance, red transparent gel over one lens and blue over the other.

With these uncommon features, it includes the regular features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity, email, multimedia player, and a wide display. There is no chance for the availability of this phone in the market anytime soon.

[via Techtree]

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