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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nokia's new echo-friendly phone - Remade

Nokia Remade

Nokia unveiled a echo-friendly phone at the Mobile World Congress. This phone is a concept phone named "Remade". This phone is designed to explore how recycled materials could be used to make mobiles in the future.

Remade Keypad

This concept phone is made out of echo-friendly materials like upcycled aluminum cans, plastics from drink bottles form the chassis, and its rubber key mats are provided by old car tyres. This time Nokia has developed some new more environmentally friendly technologies such as printed electronics, and the graphics used on the display save energy without compromising on style.

Remade Screen

According to Nokia, the idea behind the “remade” concept was to see if it was possible to create a device made from nothing new.

Remade Backside

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