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Friday, January 23, 2009

Broadband Speed Tests

What are broadband speed tests? Many of us probably have never heard those words. We have an idea of what broadband is but when it comes to speeds, the general rule is the higher the number the better right?

Well, a broadband speed test is exactly what it says it is, a test that measures the speed of your broadband Internet connection. Now, for those less technically savvy, a broadband Internet connection is a high data rate Internet connection in comparison to dial-up access over a modem.

There are many things a speed test can tell you about your Internet connection. Throughput is the amount of data that moves successfully from one place to another... usually your computer to another computer or from a website within a certain time frame.

Speed tests also measure the download speed that is the amount of data moving from server to computer, the upload speed which is the measure of speed of sending data from computer to server, and Ping which is a tool that tests hosts across an IP network and distance. offers a sophisticated, easy-to-use site that lets you test your broadband connection speed at a few clicks of your mouse. The site also lets you compare your speed to other people in the world as well as share your results and see stats for the entire world and more!

And why would you use speed tests? To find out your broadband speed and to see what else is out there in comparison. It’s important to compare broadband to the rest of the world. You might find out you’re actually below average when it comes to speed or you may find you’re the front runner in broadband internet!

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