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Friday, July 4, 2008

DialToSave For Cheapest Mobile Phone Deals

Confused to choose the best mobile phone deals from mobile phone retailers? Do you want the best deal with the cheapest call rate? then just (log on to)


Who is DialToSave and What it Offers?

dialtosave logo is a online mobile phone portal for UK peoples, that has been "offering advice on the various options available to people interested in other communications services, in particular the cheapest mobile phone deals" since September 2005. It was started many years ago with its International Calls function as the sole service offered.



The mobile industry is growing very fast, each and every person want to use the mobile phone with the best mobile phone plan expecting low call rates and other services like internet. Many of them don't have inough knowledge or they get confused while choosing mobile phone deals because there are so many mobile phone retailers attracting customers to their services by offering defferent types of Mobile Phone Plans. So the buyer gets confused which plan should I use.

Here DialToSave comes to help you.

DialToSave brings you most affordable or you can say cheapest mobile phone deals from UK mobile phone retailers across the internet. Most featured mobile phone deals include discounted line rental, automatic cashback or free gifts and of course a free mobile phone. If you open their site, you will see lots of Mobile Phone Deals with their Mobile Brands, Tariff, Total Charges etc. everything is displayed on their plan itself.

dialtosave homepage 

According to DialToSave, they carefully select the best mobile phone deals from the best retailers to save you time and hassle. The mobile phone features include 3G and HSDPA connectivity, integrated digital cameras and MP3 players on the mobile phones.

Most profitable thing is that, Almost all deals include a free mobile phone. Some free mobile phone contracts even have 12 months free line rental on a 12 month contract. You will find the Featured Free Mobile Phone Deal on the front page of

In other hand, DialToSave offers various services for you like Mobile Phone Price Comparison so you can compare almost every brand. It also has a Mobile Phone Review section which will give you all the information of a mobile phone. I saw they have reviews of almost every mobiles.


Cheap Internation Calls

DialToSave also provides the facility of cheap international phone calls from just 1p/min with all the most popular cheap international calls at National Rate. You can make cheap international calls to anywhere in Asia, America, Europe or Africa. Their barfgain rates are available using access numbers.


Broadband Comparison

dialtosave broadband

With all that services DialToSave also offers broadband comparison, it's a must have service in every house, right? DialToSave helps you to choose the best broadband plan by comparing features and prices on the best UK broadband providers. With the help of it you can search for home, business or mobile broadband and even check what home broadband providers service your home with the postcode checker. You can also pick the features that are important to you.

DialToSave Blog gives you latest updates about the telecommunication services. This blog updates frequently, so you might want to subscribe to the blog.

DialToSave is a best and 1stop shop to get your best and cheap mobile phone deals, cheap international call rates, mobile phone reviews and broadband plans. It has almost all the mobile phones of all the brands available in the market (Like Latest Apple iPhone 3G). If you are planning to get a best mobile phone deal or broadband plan then I suggest you to take a look at


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