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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Google Earth 4.3 Available with a Whole New World

Today Google released the latest version 4.3 of Google Earth. Google added lot more feature in this latest version and with all of the great user-created buildings in the 3D Warehouse. With the Redesigned Navigation system you can fly very smoothly from the heavens down to the streets of your town. The most important feature I like is, you can view the exact date of a particular satellite image.

Google Earth 4.3

Here are some of the Feature available in Google Earth 4.3

  • New navigation - We've improved the zoom control so you can swoop down from outer space to street level in a single seamless motion. And with the addition of the "look" joystick, you can look up at buildings or across a mountain range.
  • More, faster 3D buildings - It's more fun to navigate through a lot of new 3D content. Besides adding thousands of buildings contributed by people around the world, we've added dozens of photo-textured cities and towns in the U.S. and elsewhere.
  • Street View - The popular Google Maps feature makes its Google Earth debut.
  • Sunlight feature - Never seen the sunrise over the Alps? Now you can.
  • New languages - There are 12 new languages, including Danish, English (UK), Spanish (Latin American), Finnish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Norwegian, Portuguese (PT), Romanian, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish.
  • Imagery Dates - As I said above, You will be able to see the dates of a particular satellite image.

Here is a Video Tour of Google Earth 4.3 from

Download - Google Earth 4.3

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