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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Taskbar Shuffle - re-arrange Taskbar Buttons by Dragging

Taskbar Shuffle

Taskbar Shuffle is a small program which allows you to arrange your buttons in the taskbar by just dragging and dropping. This program is freeware and it provides two functions.

It allows you to rearrange the buttons on your Windows taskbar by dragging and dropping them. It also allows you to rearrange icons in system tray, just you have to press 'CTRL' key while dragging and dropping the system tray icons.

In the option window it has options like start with Windows, Show System Tray Icon etc.

Taskbar Shuffle Setting Window

To set with which hotkey you want to drag and drop the system tray icons, I repeat system tray icons. The last option Enable tray icon shuffling by holding down this key is used.

You don't need to press 'CTRL' key while dragging and dropping the taskbar buttons.

This tool supports XP/Vista/2000/NT/95/98. And is only for WINDOWS users currently.

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