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Saturday, January 26, 2008

FlickrDown - A Flickr Mass Downloader

flickrdown Flickr is the most popular image hosting site because it hosts your images without any cost for bandwidth or storage.

Uploading photos to Flickr is easy, you can find many uploading tools, but to download photos you need to get it one by one. Flickr doesn't provide facility like Google’s Picasa Web Albums, it gives a link through which user can download whole image set or album.

FlickrDown is a small and freeware utility which let you download images from any Flickr user direct to your Computer. You can download photos by specifying Flickr a Username, email address, tag or group name and start the search. The search will reveal all thumbnails of the images that were found and you can either check the ones that you would like to download or check the search term so that all pictures are downloaded to your computer.

FlickrDown is only for Windows users and requires Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0

[via ghacks]

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