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Friday, December 7, 2007

Technorati's New Look and New Features

Technorati Frontpage

Technorati made a big change in its look of homepage. The previous front page of Technorati was just three months old.

The navigation section contains tabs, links to FrontPage, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Politics, Sports and Technology.

According to TechCrunch

This is something Technorati experimented with in the past (see our 2005 coverage of Technorati Explore, which never made it out of the lab), but it never dedicated meaningful resources (or the home page) to finding news patterns in blog posts. Now, the company is dedicating those resources to making it work.

The main blog post section which is rising by attention by blogger's is divided into two, first shows rising blog posts and second shows rising mainstream media stories. They call it "Percolator", which tends to update around three times an hour according to Technorati.

Another is a special page for blogger's called "Blogger Central". This page contains Top tags with a small chart and Blog post about blogging.

Other blogger's view on Technorati's New Look and New Features : TechCrunch

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