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Saturday, January 20, 2007

10 Tips for External Search Engine Optimization

By: Bob Jacobsen

1. Thing to keep in mind

This is not really a tip, more a guideline, all the internal optimization is a good thing to do, but here is all the stuff that real matters, keep in minde this is about getting people to a speciffic destination, your website.

2. Adding your site to the big search engines.

This is not necessary, its is in fact a wast of time, as I have experienced. what will happen when your site is online, is you need other sites to link to you, then when google sees that, then it adds your site to its system, and bingo.


A good thing to do is to add your site to, aka. open directory project. I recently found that I have a website that could not get a pagerank, or it did, it had 0, the reason was that I forgot to add my site to, for some reason that helped.

4. External links

Here comes the most important part of Search Engine Optimization, links!! can't be said enough, do what ever to get other sites to link to you.

5. Does bad external links exist?

No, not really, you can get irrelevant links, (people with a totally different subject) to link to you, but that does not matter, what could be bad is linkback, many places you make a deal with another webmaster to swap links, and if you have a nice product, lets say you sell SEO optimization tools, and then you swap links with an adult website, this could end up bad, cause google can see that link and may think that your site is also relevant to adult content, this is not recommented.

6. Getting links 1

One thing is that you could send out a request to other webmasters by email, trying to se if he/she would be interested in swapping links with your, but sending out 1000 email could get tough, so you could download my program 'Mass-email-sender' , its free to use.

7. Getting links 2

You could add your site to as many search engines and directories as possible, also hard work, can take a lot of time, I have a solution for this also, and yes its also free to use as much you'd like.

8. Getting links 3

An offencive approch could be to look at your competitors, to analyse stuff like, who is linking to them?, what makes them rank high in google? try looking in the tools section

9. Do not participate in link farms or link exchange programs.

Search engines consider link farms and link exchange programs as spam, as they have only one purpose - to artificially inflate a site's link popularity, by exchanging links with other participants.

10. Some personale words before you go on optimizing.

While reading all these theory about getting visitors to your site, have your even thougth about how to keep your visitors?, or to make them come back? did you know that most of the visitors from google are just 'suft through' visitors, which means they look at your site for a few seconds, and if it is not interesing they go to the next site. what I'm meaing to say is, be carefull many people makes mistakes by only thinking 'what does google want?' instead of 'what does my audience want? so make content for your visitors and only keep in mind optimization is a good thing.

The end.

This article was was a very shallow overview of the more important tips, stay tuned for my more indept articles on how to make websites link to you.

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